January:  2020

DHOA Meeting, Jan 7th @ 7pm 

Darrington Trapshooters, Jan 5th @ 10am

February:   2020

DHOA Meeting, Feb 4th @ 7pm 

Darrington Trapshooters, Feb 2nd @ 10am

Rodeo Royalty Information Day, , @ clubhouse (DTA)

Rodeo Royalty commitment, @ clubhouse (DTA)

March: 2020

DHOA Meeting, March 3rd @ 7pm

Darrington Trapshooters, March 8th @ 10am

April: 2020

DHOA Meeting, April 7th @ 7pm

Darrington Trapshooters, April 5th @ 10am

May: 2020 


Darrington Trapshooters, May 3rd @ 10am

DHOA Meeting, May 5th @ 7pm

DHOA Play Day Series, May 9th & 10th @ 9am sign ups, 10am games

Open weekend available for rent, May 16th & 17th. email [email protected] for information

Nikki Kuklenski, May 22nd, 23rd, 24th & 25th (all day) camping

June: 2020 

DHOA Meeting, June 2nd @ 7pm

Darrington Trapshooters Shootout, June, 5th & 6st (all day)

National Trail Day Lunch, June 5th @2pm (in the clubhouse)

DHOA Play Day Series, June 13th & 14th @ 9am sign ups, 10am games

Open weekend available for rent, June 20th & 21st. email [email protected] for information

Darrington Timberbowl Rodeo, June 27th 2019 @ 6pm & June 28th 2020 @ 2pm

July:  2020 


Darrington Trapshooters, July 5th @ 10am

DHOA Play Day Series, July 11th & 12th @ 9am sign ups, 10am games

DHOA Meeting, No Meeting

Nikki's Llama Show, July 17th, 18th & 19th (all day) Facility closed to members 

Wild Mustang Horse Competition,  Mustang and Burro Show, July 25th & 26st

August: 2020 


Melt Down, July 30th 

DHOA Play Day Series, August 1st & 2th @ 9am sign ups, 10am games

DHOA Meeting, August 4th @ 7pm

Meltdown, August 4th thru August 11th (Rodeo Grounds closed to members)

Boobers Wedding, August 15th & 16th weekend

Valencia Family Camping August 21st, thru 23rd

September: 2020

DHOA Meeting, Sept. 2nd @ 7pm

Darrington Trapshooters, Sept. 6th @ 10am

DHOA Play Day Series,  Sept. 12th & 13th sign ups 9am, 10am games, Awards following Sunday show

October: 2019

Darrington Trapshooters, October 4th @ 10am

DHOA Meeting, Oct. 6th @ 7pm

November: 2019

Darrington Trapshooters, Nov. 1st @ 10am

DHOA Meeting, Nov. 3rd @ 7pm

December: 2019

DHOA Meeting, (No Meeting)

Darrington Trapshooters, Dec. 6th @ 10am

DHOA Christmas Dinner, Dec. 12th @ 5:30

December 25th Merry Christmas to everyone.